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Our company has reached a strategic cooperation with the Guangdong Provincial Government

February 6, 2020

Latest company case about Our company has reached a strategic cooperation with the Guangdong Provincial Government

Our company has reached a strategic cooperation with the Guangdong Provincial Government and Guangdong Drug Administration


In response to the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, the Guangdong Provincial Government has taken many measures to deal with the epidemic, especially subsidizing first-class pharmaceutical companies to transform their production of masks. Our company is a key supplier of hospitals at all levels in the province, and has been selected into the provincial bidding list to ensure the supply of masks in hospitals.

The appendix《Notice of the People's Government of Guangdong Province on Issuing the Response to Covid-19》


On the afternoon of February 6, the Guangdong Provincial Government formally issued the "Several Policies and Measures on Supporting the Resumption of Work and Production of Enterprises to Promote Stable Economic Operation in Response to the Pneumonia Epidemic of the Novel Coronavirus Infection", which further strengthened the efforts to ensure the resumption of work and production of enterprises and reduced the number of enterprises. In key links such as labor costs, reducing business burdens on enterprises, increasing financial support, and optimizing government services, a total of 20 policy measures in 5 areas have been proposed to fully support and promote the resumption of work and production of various enterprises affected by the epidemic.

Help companies coordinate the purchase of masks and other prevention and control materials
In response to the difficulties of employees returning from the epidemic, difficulties in preventing epidemics, difficulties in guaranteeing supplies, and difficulties in recruiting workers, the "Policies and Measures" proposed that listed governments at all levels should strengthen their main responsibilities and assign special personnel to guide companies to complete preparations for resumption of work and production to ensure that companies Resume work and production under the premise of meeting epidemic prevention and control standards. Refinement of the guarantee plan for resumption of work and production, one company, one policy to help companies coordinate the return of employees, especially professional and technical personnel, and the purchase of prevention and control materials such as masks, protective clothing, disinfection supplies, and thermometers. The "Policies and Measures" also emphasized supporting enterprises to manage their employees' health. Encourage large enterprises to set up centralized isolation points. Encourage all kinds of development zones above the provincial level (high-tech zones, economic development zones, industrial parks) to be unified by the management committee to establish centralized isolation points. For small and medium-sized enterprises that do not have the conditions to set up centralized isolation by themselves, the local government will make centralized arrangements.


Employee endowment insurance can be postponed to make up payment within three months after the epidemic is lifted
In response to the company’s short-term revenue decline and capital shortage, it is difficult to cover the contradiction of normal labor rigid expenditures. The "Policy Measures" proposes that due to the impact of the epidemic, it is impossible to pay enterprise employee pension insurance, medical insurance (including maternity insurance), unemployment insurance, and Enterprises of work-related injury insurance and housing provident fund are allowed to postpone the repayment within three months after the epidemic is eliminated. For the wages paid by the company during the period when the employee receives treatment due to the epidemic or is under medical observation and isolation, the company shall be subsidized at a rate not exceeding 50% of the employee’s basic pension insurance contribution wage base. The required funds are listed in the special bonus funds for industrial enterprise structure adjustment support.


During the epidemic prevention and control period, enterprises are allowed to defer tax declarations
In response to issues such as rents, taxes, and default risks generally reported by enterprises, the "Policies and Measures" proposed that enterprises should be allowed to postpone their tax declarations during the epidemic prevention and control period. For enterprises that meet the requirements for deferred tax payment, the tax payment period not exceeding three months shall be extended in accordance with the law. For enterprises that have real difficulties in paying taxes, real estate tax and urban land use tax shall be reduced or exempted in a reasonable manner according to law. At the same time, state-owned assets operating houses are exempted from the first month's rent for private leasing companies that are more affected by the epidemic and cannot operate normally, and the second and third month's rent is halved; other property owners are encouraged to follow the actual situation, Appropriate rent reduction or exemption. Enterprises with rent exemption for more than two months will be granted real estate tax difficulty relief according to the number of rent exempt months.

Enterprise expansion of mask machine production can receive provincial financial support

In response to the pandemic disrupting enterprise production plans and financial management, leading to short-term cash flow interruptions and insufficient credit enhancement, the "Policies and Measures" proposed from the perspective of helping companies obtain liquidity support and reducing financial costs, encouraging banking financial institutions to be affected by the epidemic. Enterprises with greater influence provide support for deferred loan repayment, extension of loan renewal, lower interest rate and interest reduction or exemption. For companies that are more affected by the epidemic, they must not blindly draw, cut off loans, or press down on loans.

In addition, the "Policies and Measures" specifically proposes that the provincial finances provide financial support for related enterprises to expand the production of key and urgently needed equipment, such as mask machines, protective clothing sticking machines, and negative pressure ambulances. The new 2020 policy for the key guarantee enterprises for epidemic prevention and control identified by the country and the province and other health and epidemic prevention, pharmaceutical products, and medical equipment enterprises that have outstanding roles in supporting epidemic prevention and control (reviewed and confirmed by the provincial industry and information technology departments in conjunction with finance and other departments) For the loan increase part, the provincial finance will give a discount of 50% of the People’s Bank of the People’s Bank of refinancing interest rate.


Establish a fast channel for overseas procurement of epidemic prevention and control materials
The "Policy Measures" specifically proposes that government services should be further optimized, and for the prevention and control of the epidemic, energy supply, transportation and logistics, medical resources, ecological environment and other under construction and new projects, priority should be given to guaranteeing resource indicators such as land and forest; For medical care sites, the required construction land indicators shall be coordinated by the province; conditions shall be created to ensure the timely supply of construction materials such as steel, concrete, sand and gravel necessary for project construction.

At the same time, establish a green channel for project approval, simplify the approval process, and reduce the time limit for approval. Adopt technical means such as network and video to carry out project evaluation and review, and accelerate the advancement of project preliminary work. Relying on the province's online approval and supervision platform for investment projects, comprehensive implementation of the “no-face” online processing of project approval.

In addition, establish a fast track for overseas procurement of epidemic prevention and control materials. Establish a “green channel” for rapid customs clearance of imported prevention and control materials, and implement a convenient customs clearance policy for prevention and control materials that can provide certification from the competent authority and involve special items, without the need for sanitation and quarantine approval. Operation modes such as "two-step declaration", "advance declaration" and "guaranteed release" are implemented for epidemic prevention and control treatment materials to ensure "zero delay" in customs clearance.

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