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Another U.S. aircraft carrier has a new crown outbreak, U.S. military refuses to disclose the number of infections

July 31, 2020

Latest company news about Another U.S. aircraft carrier has a new crown outbreak, U.S. military refuses to disclose the number of infections

[Global Network Report, reporter Xu Luming] Another aircraft carrier of the U.S. Navy has suffered a new crown pneumonia epidemic, but the U.S. military refused to disclose the specific number of infections.


According to a report on the “Business Insider” website on July 31, the spokesperson of the US Atlantic Naval Air Force Jennifer Cragg confirmed on July 30 that “a small number of” crew members on the USS Bush were receiving the new crown. The result of the virus test was positive.

Cragg said that because the Pentagon has regulations on information disclosure, she cannot disclose the exact number of people who have been moved and the exact time when the positive result was detected. Cragg said in a statement: "For security reasons, the U.S. Department of Defense will not announce specific infection departments, facilities, or specific numbers of infections."

According to the report, a reporter from the US "Navy Times" first revealed that an unknown number of crew members on the "Bush" aircraft carrier were tested to be infected with the new crown virus. This aircraft carrier is currently undergoing maintenance at the Norfolk Naval Shipyard in Virginia and was infected. The crew has been quarantined at home.


Cragg also said that these crew members were tested positive for the new crown virus "this summer", but she declined to give more details, saying only that they are currently receiving normal care and treatment. She said: "The USS Bush is currently actively taking measures to maintain social distancing, minimizing the gathering of people, and at the same time requiring the crew to wear personal protective equipment and conduct large-scale cleaning and disinfection." "Norfolk Naval Shipyard is also Conduct temperature checks, conduct health questionnaire surveys on all personnel, and conduct medical evaluations on crew members who have symptoms."


Earlier, several aircraft carriers of the US Navy were exposed to crew members infected with the new crown virus, and a large-scale outbreak of the "Roosevelt" aircraft carrier caused more than 1,000 crew members to be infected. The aircraft carrier also had to stay in Guam for nearly two months. , Disrupting the US Navy’s aircraft carrier deployment plan in the Indo-Pacific region.


According to the latest data from the U.S. Navy, as of July 29, a total of 9,078 U.S. Navy crews, civilians, contractors, and military members have been tested positive for the new crown virus. Of these cases, 18 people died, including 1 sailor, 4 contractors and 13 civilians.

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