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Guangzhou and the World City Organization discuss telemedicine under the new crown pneumonia epidemic

July 30, 2020

Latest company news about Guangzhou and the World City Organization discuss telemedicine under the new crown pneumonia epidemic

Text/Yangcheng Evening News All-Media Reporter Tan Zheng Correspondent


On the afternoon of July 30, the World City Organization Asia-Pacific region held a video conference on "Telemedicine under the New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic-Regional Cooperation at the Local Level", the vice chairman of the Guangzhou Municipal People’s Political Consultative Conference and the local government of the World City Organization Asia-Pacific Region (UCLG ASPAC) Chen Yini, chairperson and co-chairman of the Women's Committee, attended the video conference and gave an opening speech.

The meeting was hosted by Bonatia, Secretary General of the Asia-Pacific Region of the World City Organization, and Xia Huimin, Party Secretary of Guangzhou Women and Children's Medical Center ("City Women's and Children's Center"), and two experts in related fields discussed the strengths of the City's Women and Children's Center and the focus of telemedicine cooperation , Internet hospitals and 3 aspects of new coronary pneumonia diagnosis and treatment. About 40 people including officials from Guangzhou and Indonesia's 8 provinces, cities and local government associations, experts in medical and sustainable development related fields, and hospital representatives attended the video conference.

Telemedicine will break physical barriers


Chen Yini said in her speech, “Since the beginning of this year, the sudden new crown pneumonia epidemic has greatly affected people’s normal lives, and has also placed a heavy burden on urban public medical resources. In the context of the epidemic, access to medical care through effective and efficient methods Resources are particularly important to disadvantaged groups such as women and children. Telemedicine breaks physical barriers through modern technology, making online consultations and consultations possible, and at the same time avoiding a concentrated run on medical resources."


Chen Yini also mentioned that in the medium and long term, telemedicine can be used as an effective supplement to offline diagnosis and treatment, which will help further improve the existing medical system and help local governments implement the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


Xia Huimin welcomed the discussion of specific cooperation in telemedicine with member cities in the Asia-Pacific region of the World Urban Area Organization, and put forward suggestions on specific cooperation mechanisms, scope and methods of development.


The deputy mayor of Jambi City, Indonesia, and the relevant representatives of the Jakarta Health Bureau introduced the development of local telemedicine and expressed strong interest in cooperation. In addition, representatives from Bogor City, Indonesia also expressed their intention to cooperate on the spot.


World City Organization Asia Pacific plans to implement the first telemedicine project


During the third Guangzhou International Leadership Seminar held in early December 2019, Chen Yini introduced the development status of the city's Women and Children's Center to the World Organization's Asia-Pacific region and related representatives, and emphasized that Guangzhou attaches importance to women and children's health. At the meeting, the Municipal Women's and Children's Center introduced the center's telemedicine project, cooperated with local hospitals to provide online diagnosis and treatment for patients, and put forward a preliminary idea of ​​cooperation with cities in the Asia-Pacific region.


In order to implement the project vision, the World City Organization Asia-Pacific region plans to implement the first telemedicine project to further promote the importance of women and children's health. According to reports, the telemedicine project is part of the Sustainable Development Goals Localization (SDGs) project, which is a project implemented by the World City Organization Asia-Pacific Region and the Indonesian Municipal Association (APEKSI) in cooperation with other local governments in Indonesia.


Chen Yini said that this video conference will deepen mutual understanding and build trust through dialogue and communication, and open the way for telemedicine to find a point of international cooperation.


Source | Yangcheng Evening News

Editor in charge | Wang Nan

Approval | Fan Meiling

Intern | Chen Kaiqi

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