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Our company participated in the "Guangzhou International Anti-epidemic Materials Exhibition" 

June 10, 2020

Latest company news about Our company participated in the "Guangzhou International Anti-epidemic Materials Exhibition" 

China National Radio, Guangzhou, June 2 (Reporter Zhang Shengqiang) On the 2nd, Guangzhou held the 119th press conference on epidemic prevention, control and resumption of production. Yang Yong, party secretary and director of the Guangzhou Council for the Promotion of International Trade, introduced at the meeting, Guangzhou International Anti-epidemic Materials Exhibition The meeting is scheduled to be held in Pazhou from June 10 to 11.


As the "first exhibition" of Guangzhou's convention and exhibition industry in the post-epidemic period, this exhibition will focus on stabilizing the basic market of Guangzhou's foreign trade and foreign investment. According to reports, the exhibition has a total of 4 exhibition areas, including an epidemic prevention product exhibition area, an equipment exhibition area, a comprehensive service exhibition area, and a raw material exhibition area, with more than 400 exhibiting companies.


"In the process of fighting the global epidemic, a group of companies in Guangzhou have performed very eye-catching." Yang Yong said, including Daan Gene, which has delivered nucleic acid tests to more than 140 countries, and Kingfa Technology, which has obtained US$975 million in mask export orders. Star companies will be unveiled to connect and match with exporters, traders and overseas buyers from all over the country.


On April 1 this year, in order to meet the overseas market’s demand for high-quality anti-epidemic materials procurement, the Guangzhou Council for the Promotion of International Trade and 27 companies and institutions initiated the establishment of Guangdong’s first anti-epidemic materials export alliance.


Since the establishment of the alliance, it has successively received the anti-epidemic material procurement list from 56 foreign business associations and agencies in Guangzhou, and has published the first to fifth editions of the Chinese and English anti-epidemic material supplier lists.


With the support of the Anti-epidemic Material Export Alliance, so far, more than 5,000 buyers have pre-registered for exhibition visits, and most of them are buyers who come with orders and procurement requirements.


"Riding on the east wind of the first live broadcast festival in Guangzhou, the exhibition will also hold the'Epidemic Prevention Material Live Festival' event at the same time." During the exhibition, the organizer will invite Internet celebrity anchors to communicate with exhibitors one by one, sharing cases of successful anti-epidemic transformation and fighting for assistance The "epidemic" story etc.


"This allows ordinary citizens and professionals to learn more about the company and its products, and helps companies get more potential orders." Yang Yong said.

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